The Trans Dimension, Space and spaces for us

The Trans Dimension, Space and spaces for us


The Trans Dimension Launches!

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Welcome to The Trans Dimension!

The Trans Dimension is a partnership of around 40 grassroots groups and charities with a track record of supporting the trans community, including Mermaids, London Trans Pride and 56T @ Dean St.

It is a pioneering online community hub connecting trans communities in London. The Trans Dimension collates news, events and services by and for trans people. It will be a shared, community owned system that can be contributed to by many providers. It will help people find trans-friendly events & build community.

The project sets out to empower efforts to build solidarity, community and resistance among trans people in the face of increasing levels of transphobia. It is based on a tried & tested model called PlaceCal ( which has helped older people to connect & build communities.

Our digital partner is Geeks For Social Change ( who developed the app. They are a research and development studio which works in collaboration with people, organisations and communities to deliver tools, training and support for lasting and holistic change.

Travis Alabanza, who hosted our launch event in November 2022, had this to say about the project:

"In the face of much adversity, it is vital now more than ever that we as a trans community use our intra community resources to support ourselves and each other. We cannot rely on this government to help us, but for years we have been helping each other. It’s so exciting that there will be another great resource for trans people to seek support and stay connected.”

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